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We have Free Canada Wide Shipping on all Tacx Trainers and Rollers!

All in stock Trainers and Accessories now on sale at up to 40% off.
Browse through the pages to find the sale items.

Tacx Interactive Trainers
The Tacx Virtual Reality Trainers with realistic terrains will immerse you in an imaginary interactive world.  The VR Trainer packages include the latest software and terrains.  For complete information on the features visit the Tacx Website.

Tacx i-Genius Multiplayer

VR Training

The New Tacx Smart Trainers interface with your Smart Phone or Tablet with the free Tacx app. Real life films available for download only $11 each.

Tacx tablet mount

Please check the Tacx website for full details of all the trainers listed below:

Interactive Trainer Pricing (Canadian Dollars)

Tacx i-Vortex complete with TTS4 Basic Software sale

The interactive i-Vortex has an electro brake. You can use it to train in a targeted and serious manner, even without your PC or laptop, because the i-Vortex has a handlebar computer that displays all the relevant training data at a single glance. Slope, power output or heart rate programmes are set manually during the training session. However, you can also connect the i-Vortex to your PC or laptop and use the interactive functions such as riding in virtual worlds or films of existing cycling classics and mountain stages. The route is displayed on your screen. The trainer communicates wirelessly. The i-Vortex is supplied with the Tacx Trainer software 4, Basic. It is possible to expand your training options by upgrading to the Advanced software.

Full information link:

Tacx i-Vortex

Tacx i-Vortex
with TTS 4 Basic
Regular Price: $899.99

Sale Price: $699

Tacx Ironman sale

The Tacx IRONMAN® trainer is the ‘Official Cycle-Mounting Trainer’ of IRONMAN®. If you are a dedicated triathlete, this interactive trainer helps you to improve your performance. Just like the i-Genius Multiplayer, the Tacx IRONMAN trainer uses the most advanced resistance unit and software which analyses performance and simulates bike courses very  accurately. The wireless motor brake converts the properties of the terrain into resistance on the bike, in a highly realistic manner, and speeds up in descents. The bike route is displayed on your computer screen. The Tacx IRONMAN trainer comes with the Skyliner front wheel support, the Kona water bottle and the Tacx film of the IRONMAN World Championship bike course in Hawaii.

Full information link:

Tacx Ironman

Tacx Ironman:
Regular Price: $1649.99

Sale Price: $1299

Tacx i-Genius Multiplayer

This interactive trainer has the most advanced resistance unit: the motor brake. In combination with the Tacx Trainer software 4, Advanced, the motor brake simulates a very accurate cycling experience. During a climb, the resistance on the rear wheel increases and during a descent the resistance unit speeds up, so it feels as if you are going downhill. The bike course is displayed on your computer screen. If you participate in online races, you’ll also see all your competitors. Communication between the resistance unit, handlebar interface and computer is completely wireless. The i-Genius Multiplayer is supplied with a 12 month license for web racing and the fold out BlackTrack steering frame to enable you to race online against your friends.

Full information links:

Tacx i-Genius Multiplayer

i-Genius Multiplayer:

Sold Out

Tacx Bushido Smart

The Bushido is the interactive Smart trainer with the most powerful resistance unit. It’s electric motor brake, with a maximum resistance of 1400 Watts, ensures smooth pedalling, even during steep climbs. The Bushido is extremely user-friendly. Instead of training with a handlebar computer you can connect the trainer to the Tacx Cycling apps quickly and easily. If you also want to train with a PC or laptop, you can purchase the Upgrade Smart. The Bushido powers itself and is therefore completely wireless, it doesn’t even need a power cable. Just like the other Smart trainers, the Bushido uses ANT+ and Bluetooth® Smart  technology to communicate with the connected device. You can attach your tablet or smartphone to your handlebar with the Tacx bracket for tablets (optional).

Full information link:

Tacx Bushido Smart

Tacx Bushido Smart:
Price: $1099.99

Tacx Vortex Smart

The Vortex is an interactive Smart trainer with an electro brake. This resistance unit is suitable for an average training level and can reach a maximum resistance is 950 Watt. Instead of using a handlebar computer you train by connecting the Vortex quickly and easily to the Tacx Cycling apps. If you want to train with a PC or laptop you can purchase the Upgrade Smart. Of the many possible training options, you can choose the software that best matches you and your way of training. The Vortex communicates wirelessly via ANT+ and Bluetooth® wireless technology. You can attach your tablet or smartphone to your handlebar with a special bracket (optional).

Full information link:

Tacx Vortex Smart

Tacx Vortex Smart:
Price: $699.99

Tacx Satori Smart

This interactive Smart trainer uses complex technology in a user-friendly fashion. In the resistance unit an accurate measurement of your speed, cadence and power is performed. This data is then shown on the screen your using, whether this is a tablet, smartphone, sportwatch, or something else. It can namely communicate via both ANT+ as well as Bluetooth® Smart technology. You can connect the Satori quickly and easily to the Tacx Cycling apps for smartphones and tablets. During or after a training session you, or your coach, can thus monitor your performance closely. The resistance has to set manually though. The Satori is suitable for simple training sessions such as a cooling down and endurance training.

Full information link:

Tacx Satori Smart

Tacx Satori Smart:

Tacx Accessories Top

Tablet Handelbar Mount:

Tablet Mount


Sweat cover: Regular $34.99 Sale: $21

During training a person can perspire profusely. Perspiration is very agressive and can damage a bicycle. To protect the bike against this damage, Tacx offers a sweat cover. This item is attached between the handlebar and the seatpost to catch the perspiration.

Tacx Sweat Cover $21

Training Tire: Regular $59.99 Sale: $36

Tacx's training tire is the ideal tire for bicycle trainers and ws designed specifically for indoor training. Particular composite materials minimize the frictional heat, skidding and wear and tear. Tacx's training tire is also substantially more quiet.
Two sizes available:
- 700x23c for road bikes.
- 26x1.25 for mountain bikes.

Tacx Traning Tire $36

Training Mat: Regular $79.99 Sale: $48

Tacx's new training mat protects the floor, absorbs sound and catches sweat. Exclusive nylon version with a non-slip surface. Furthermore, reinforcement has been applied in order to prevent wear and tear when getting on or off. The mat can be rolled up and is very light.

Tacx Training Mat $48

Trainer Transport Bag:

Transport bag for all bicycle, ergo and virtual reality trainers from Tacx. This exclusive black bag with carbon coloured nylon and a double foam inner lining offers ideal protection for your bicycle trainer. Additional inner zip compartments with velcro fastening provide room for PC, interface, Skyliner front wheel support and accessories.

Tacx Trainer Bag $99.95
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