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Cosmed Fitmate Pro: Fitness & Wellness Technology

Cosmed Fitmate Pro


Assess functional capacity
Fitmate PRO is the smallest laboratory available in the world able to perform fitness assessment and functional evaluation on individuals willing to receive clear and comprehensive feedback concerning their wellness and physical fitness conditions.

Cardio-respiratory fitness (CRF)
The CFR (VO2max) is the most important assessment of the cardio respiratory function. Fitmate allows this assessment through the following tests: Direct measurement of VO2max during and up to maximal exertion incremental exercise protocol; Extrapolation of VO2max by the measurement of O2 & HR during a sub-maximal incremental exercise; Estimation of VO2max basing on the results achieved during some standard field tests.

Fitness assessment
Fitmate PRO manages also a number of standardized measurements (anthropometrics, cardiovascular muscular fitness & flexibility) really important for the assessment of the overall fitness status

Activity caloric cost
Would you like to know how many calories you burn during an exercise session? Simply Perform a test with Fitmate PRO, the measurement of the oxygen consumed will tell you what is your typical energy expenditure for specific individual exercise or complete training session.

RMR & Daily Caloric Intake
The energy burnt for the resting metabolic processes in humans (RMR) covers the largest portion of the total energy the human body spends in a day. This amount varies widely from person to person and it is quite difficult to measure. Fitmate PRO uses indirect calorimetry to measure RMR with scientific precision and a short questionnaire to estimate the energy expenditure induced by lifestyle, physical activity and exercise.

Weight management programs
Once the daily caloric intake is known Fitmate PRO is able to elaborate programs for weight reduction, maintenance or increase, based on the individual subject’s assessment. The programs so elaborated ensure long term and stable results as they incorporate the latest recommendations issued by the most accredited organizations in the field of nutrition.

Body composition analysis
Body composition is one of the most important assessment to verify the progresses of training ( fat %, lean body mass). Fitmate PRO handles this analysis in two different ways: through skin-fold Caliper measurments or by integrating the data collected with an external equipment such as our Impediemed Body Composition Analyzers.

Fitmate PRO is an indispensable equipment for fitness assessment and is the ideal instrument for the management of weight control programs. Fitmate is a small investment but able to turn shortly into an irremissable source of income. Fitmate is a unique piece of equipment that health and wellness clubs, gyms, professionals and PTs cannot afford to miss.


High Proven Accuracy
Fitmate PRO uses the technology develpoed by COSMED over more than 25 years of manufacturing products for cardiorespiratory assessment. Hardware components, algorithms, technical solutions have been chosen to guarantee the highest accuracy for any use.

No calibration required
Fitmate PRO doesn’t require any complex procedure except the room air calibration which starts automatically before each test. In addition automatic random controls during the RMR test guarantee accuracy and reliability of results over the entire duration of the test and eliminate the need of initial warm-up.

Built-in fast thermal printer
The built-in thermal printer delivers high quality reports in few seconds. Any test can be also printed in a wide (A4, letter) size or color formats if printing from an external or PC compatible printer.

Maintenance free
Fitmate PRO does not require specialized technical service. Ordinary maintenance requires few operations (O2 sensor replacement) that can be done by the user in just few seconds.

Connectivity & memory capacity
Fitmate PRO has an internal memory capable of storing about 300 tests. Connectivity with PC and printers is available through USB ports. Archive storage capacity becomes virtually unlimited when tests are stored in the
PC through the SW package. Fitmate PRO is also compatible with the other COSMED gas exchange analysis equipment, so that it becomes possible to exchange VO2 data from Fitmate PRO to them!

Battery main operating
Fitmate PRO is powered by rechargeable internal batteries (6 hours capacity) and can be used also continuously connected to the AC/DC. With an autonomy of circa 4 hours Fitmate PRO provides the freedom and the versatility for testing in any environment.

Amazing Software features
Fitmate PRO is supplied with a powerful PC software running under Windows XP OS. This Program allows user to download all the tests performed with Fitmate Pro for permanent data storage. PC software also provides the instruments for monitoring the progress (trends...) occurring from session to session. Fitmate PRO software is also compatible with a network environment to share data among multiple stations and integrate data coming from other COSMED equipment.

Exercise Prescription
Fitmate PRO has also an additional tool which will make Exercise Prescription easy and really effective. In fact it will be based on the individual current Fitness assessment and will follow the ACSM recommendations published in the "guidelines for Exercise Testing and prescription". The individual training program is automatically generated by the Fitmate PRO in the format of an editable report, that includes options for specifying the kind of exercise and the profile to improve (for cardiovascular, muscular and flexibility development). This report includes pictures to better describe how to exercise properly and safely.

Cardiovascular (CV) risk analysys
Fitmate PRO testing allows the stratification of the CV Risk factors and the exposition to possible CV diseases. An assessment of fundamental importance as it provides information concerning your level of cholesterol, glucose tolerance, ability to sustain exercise, history of smoking, family and personal history of heart diseases.

Daily caloric intake
The PC software also includes the extensive food database used by the USDA. It is the perfect tool for diet counselling as anyone can use it for the calculation of the daily food intake.

Fitmate Pro Unit


Flowmeter RMR
Flow range
Ventilation range
Flow resistance

Bidirectional digital turbine 18 mm
4 l/sec
<0.7 cm H2O/l/s @ 3 l/s
Flowmeter VO2 Max
Flow range:
Ventilation range
Flow resistance

Bidirectional digital turbine 28 mm
0.03 - 18 l/sec
10 - 300 liters/min
<0.7 cm H2O/l/s @ 12 l/s
HR monitor Polar receiver & transmitter

Oxygen Analyzer
Response Time
Warm up time

GVC (Galvanic Fuel cell)
+/- 0.02%
150 msec
Not required
12-18 months
Pressure sensor

Range 15-115 Kpa


RMR, Body composition, Daily caloric intake, Weight management programs, Standard measurment, CV risk stratification, Par-Q, Muscular strength, Muscular endurance, Flexibility, VO2max test, VO2 Sub-max test, Rockpot walking test, 1.5 mile run test, Cooper 12 minute run test, Exercise prescription

Measured parameters RMR (Kcal/day), Daily Caloric Intake (Kcal/day), FeO2, VE, RF, HR, VO2 Max, VO2max extrapolated, class percentile for muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, barometric pressure, FAT%, BMI, Waist circumference, CV risk stratification
Predicted values

American College of Sport Medicine guidelines for testing & exercise prescriptions

Power Rechargeable Ni-Mh batteries or power supply medical grade approved for main use
Interface USB-A (PC), USB-B (printer), RS 232 (treadmill and bike), Polar HR receiver
Dimensions 198x238x76 mm (7.8x9.4x3 in)


1200 g (2.6 lbs)

CE Mark

Fitmate Pro meets the European Directive 93/42 on Medical Device

Safety Standards Safety Standards: EN 60601-1 (safety)/EN 60601-1-2 (EMC)
External printers compatible Brother HL-1240, Brother HL-1250, HP laserjet 1200 series, Brother HL-1070, HP laserjet 1010, HP DeskJet 656C
Languages Available English & Italian

Validation of the Cosmed Fitmate Pro in Measuring Oxygen Consumption and Estimating Resting Metabolic Rate
This article has been published in the "Research in Sports Medicine"

Validation of the Cosmed Fitmate in Measuring Exercise Metabolism
This article has been published in the "Research in Sports Medicine"

Cosmed Fitmate Validation at Appalachian University (Boone, NC, USA)

Download a Printable Fitmate Pro Brochure showing full details

Basic Fitmate Package Includes (All you need to get started)

Fitmate unit, RMR - Flowmeter, RMR masks (10 pcs), VO2max flowmeter, Silicone face mask (M-size), Head cap for silicone mask, AC/DC Adapter, USB cable, Fitmate PC Software (CD-Rom), Body meter, Oxygen sensor, HR monitor ANT and USB receiver.

FaCT Canada is a distributor for Cosmed Fitmate. www.cosmed.com/fitmatepro
To request a quote call or send a message.

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